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gamesapp » 9 de janeiro de 2019

Play a fun solitaire game in Solitaire Classic. Your goal is to organize the cards from the deck correctly by separating them all according to suit. Try to position the […]

gamesapp » 18 de dezembro de 2018

Duo cards is a card game inspired by the famous and consecrated Uno. See the rules: The deck consists of four-color cards: green, yellow, red and blue. The rows of […]

gamesapp » 5 de dezembro de 2018

In this game of football, you will have fun performing missing charges. Use the mouse to aim and adjust the kick force, because in certain stages you need to even […]

gamesapp » 15 de novembro de 2018

Be the best at bowling using your aim to take down the pins. Adjust your position and choose the force and angle of the move to be able to bring […]

gamesapp » 24 de outubro de 2018

The classic Frogger in a fun version. By controlling a cute chicken, you need to be nimble in guiding the character through the streets and rivers. Keep an eye on […]

gamesapp » 3 de outubro de 2018

World Cup 2018 The football World Cup will begin, and now you will have the opportunity to test your skills on the field to guide the selection of the heart […]

gamesapp » 14 de junho de 2018

Help the ninjas and samurai to defeat the zombies in this fun adventure. Jump from platform to platform and attack the zombies to reach the end of the stage as […]

gamesapp » 13 de junho de 2018

In Snake Attack, you are a hungry snake. Have fun eating as many fresh fruits as possible while avoiding being eaten by other snakes. Try to keep an eye on […]

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