gamesapp » 24 de maio de 2021

Slide faster than your opponents! In addition to sliding, you can also get off the track and fly a little, but be careful not to fall into the water. Push […]

gamesapp » 9 de maio de 2021

In this game, you will experience the role of a dolphin in a presentation to the public. Pay close attention to your trainer, she will tell you what to do. […]

gamesapp » 3 de maio de 2021

Play another version of the Cooking Fast game in Cooking Fast 3 Ribs And Pancakes! Be a great chef and prepare delicious dishes for customers. Earn lots of money! – […]

gamesapp » 26 de junho de 2019

It is with classical game. The rules are very simple: you can only destroy 3 or more items. Destroy can on horizontals, verticals and even at an angle. If you […]

gamesapp » 25 de fevereiro de 2019

Load the boxes with animals from one side of the zoo to the other, taking care with holes and obstacles along the way, because you do not have any protection […]

gamesapp » 15 de novembro de 2018

Be the best at bowling using your aim to take down the pins. Adjust your position and choose the force and angle of the move to be able to bring […]

gamesapp » 24 de outubro de 2018

The classic Frogger in a fun version. By controlling a cute chicken, you need to be nimble in guiding the character through the streets and rivers. Keep an eye on […]

gamesapp » 13 de junho de 2018

In Snake Attack, you are a hungry snake. Have fun eating as many fresh fruits as possible while avoiding being eaten by other snakes. Try to keep an eye on […]

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