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Play Marvel vs Capcom game right in the comfort of your browser in this cool game port / fan-made arcade game – Marvel Tribute! Use Cyclopes and match up against Captain America! Pit the Sentinel against Spiderman and see who will win!

Marvel Tribute is an arcade fighting game featuring Marvel and Capcom characters. The game is basically a Marvel vs Capcom flash version / game port. The game includes comic heroes like Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Ice Man, and many more. The game features 4 game modes: arcade, survival, versus, training. Marvel Tribute has 2 highscore boards and a lot of options available. The game features four dedicated attack buttons that imitates the classic fighting arena arcade games.

ESDF – Move
G – Punch
H – Heavy Punch
B – Kick
N – Heavy Kick
P – Command List
Space – Continue / Skip

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